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3 UX Lessons I Learned on Vacation

I'm at the tail-end of an eleven-day vacation, most of which was spent in Malta. Fun fact, pools like the one in this picture were carved out of the stone, probably in the Victorian era. You can still see the holes of posts that held up a canopy to maintain decency for any swimming gentleladies.

It was a trip of reading and exploring and swimming and lounging about. But what did the experience teach me about UX?

  1. Abso.

  2. Lutely.

  3. Nothing.

Zilch. Nada. Nic. I didn't learn a thing about UX, and you know why? Because I wasn't thinking about UX. This trip was a much-needed mental break. There are lessons everywhere, sure, and in every experience, but that doesn't mean we always have to focus on them. That just defeats the purpose of being in a specific moment.

Let vacations be vacations. UX Writing is fun, and sometimes great, but it's still work. The whole point of taking time off is to enjoy the now, stave off burn out, and enjoy life outside of the office.

Here's to a week spent not learning. 🍹


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