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Reincarnation Blues

Milo has lived 9,996 lives. He’s experienced life as a warrior’s son in Mesopotamia, an early colonizer of Mars, and, yes, even as a pretty awesome cricket.

Some lives were full of happiness, wealth, and cloudless skies; others held unending heartache and darkness. Even so, living is a heck of a ride. Why get off?

Michael Poore, author of Reincarnation Blues, explores the endless possibilities of being reborn and trying to get it right—whatever that means. Though Milo often makes the most of his lives—exploring sacrifice, suffering, moderation, intimacy, and knowledge—he hasn’t quite reached enlightenment. And he’s running out of time: Humans only have 10,000 chances to live a meaningful life before being thrown into nothingness.

Reincarnation Blues is a great novel for just about anyone, and you can’t say that about many books. The genres of fantasy, sci-fi, literary fiction, and history are all satisfied by at least one of Milo’s many lives, and romance is found between visits to Earth as Milo falls in love with Death herself—or Susie, as she prefers to be known. Nobody liked to be called Death.

Overall, this novel is a crazy and often hilarious ride through one man’s quest to understand the point of life. Give it a try. Please. Because, honestly, I just really need to talk through the ending with someone.


Rating: Five Stars

Similar Books: Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin, A Dirty Job by Chris Moore.

Note: This book review was originally published on OFPL, one of the best libraries I've ever had the honor of browsing. Buy your next read at a local bookshop, or pick it up from your community library.


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