The Push

"These are thoughts most mothers don't have.” I love fiction because it acts as a window into real experiences. The Push by Ashley Audrain explores the emotions that come with marriage, motherhood, and change: but there are no rose-tinted glasses here.

Motherhood is an enigmatic thing; if it had its own listing on Yelp, it would have five stars. Most enjoyable experience I've ever had. I haven't lived before now! Everyone should give it a go. Where has this been all my life?

But this novel digs into those negative reviews. What happens when those maternal instincts don't come naturally? Who do you blame when the child isn't the angel they were supposed to be? How should you feel when you look into your arms and wonder if this was all a mistake?

I can't relate to the story as a mother, but as someone who hears "You'll regret it if you choose not to have kids" on a weekly basis, reading it a welcomed perspective. Everything in life is a two-sided coin, and books that explore the parts hidden away are often the most needed.

Rarely positive, slightly creepy, incredibly insightful. Give it a read.

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