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The UX Experience of the UX-er

No one has ever answered the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with “UX Writer” or “Content Designer.”

The UX professionals I know used to be all sorts of things. Teachers. Journalists. Academics. Secretaries. 

And these experiences bring VALUE to our current positions. Working in a library taught me the value of well-organized information and the perils of inaccessible services. Being a secretary taught me how important it is to explain things clearly. Working at a Krispy Kreme bakery taught me how to deal with customer pain points. 

For anyone wanting to get into UX and thinking “I don’t have any experience” …you probably do.

Yes, take those courses. Read up on best practices, find a mentor, find resources, put yourself out there. But don’t neglect to draw from your own experiences.


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