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What I'm Taking with Me

Today was my last day as a UX Writer at Wix. I'll be forever grateful to the company that took me in as a novice writer, housed me when my family had to leave Kyiv, and challenged me to be and do better.

My next adventure will see my as the sole UX writer, crafting and curating a content strategy for a tech company. I'm excited for the opportunity, and especially the thrill of starting a new job in a new country.

A few nuggets of wisdom I'll take with me from Wix:

  • Trust others. The BA has data to back himself up, the designer user interviews, the PM experience, etc. Product design is about collaboration, and you'll save yourself a ton of time, effort, and headaches by trusting your team.

  • That said, you don't get (or deserve) respect from a title alone. Know what you're doing and do it well. Don't expect to get buy-in for a change just because you're "the writer." Do your homework, present your findings, and give your team a reason to trust your instincts.

  • Get a mentor, or at least someone senior to you, as a resource. There's always someone who knows something you don't (it seems everyone fits into that category when you start out). I wouldn't have grown if it hadn't been for a few select people willing to invest time and energy into me.

  • Remember to enjoy it. Take note of your successes! It's so easy to look back at a month's work and not be able to pinpoint exactly what you accomplished. I started keeping a Google Slides deck to keep track of what I was working on, and being able to see what worked and what didn't was a huge morale booster. (Pro tip: it also made creating my portfolio a lot easier.)

  • Keep learning. Read books, attend conferences, confer with colleagues. Be consistent but clear, simple but thorough, and open to critique.

Thanks, Wix, for a good run. Here's to what's ahead 🥂


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