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                                  Reading Recommendations

Being a better reader = being a better writer.

Stack of Books


short & sweet

Census | Jesse Ball

The Parade | Dave Eggers

The Wall | John Lanchester

Falling Out of Time | David Grossman


timeless & true

The Spire | William Golding

The Brothers Karamazov | Dostoyevsky

Dandelion Wine | Ray Bradbury

Martin Eden | Jack London

Grapes of Wrath | John Steinbeck


weird & wacky

Just My Type | Simon Garfield

Cod | Mark Kurlanksy

World in a Grain | Vince Beiser

Revenge of Analog | David Sax

On the Map | Simon Garfield

Bibliotech | John Palfrey

Rain | Cynthia Barnett


scientific & soothing

Underland | Rob MacFarlane

Pale Blue Dot | Carl Sagan

End of Night | Paul Bogard

Of Wolves & Men | Barry Lopez

Into the Wild | Jon Krakauer

Bad Blood | John Carreyrou

Pile Of Books
Reading Books


scary & stilling

Dumb House | John Burnside

The Collector | John Fowles

Misery | Stephen King


exciting & endearing

City of Last Chances | A. Tchaikovsky

The Vanished Birds | Simon Jiminez

Jonathan Strange | Susanna Clarke

Bear & Nightingale | Katherine Arden

What Should Be Wild | Julia Fine

Snow Child | Eowyn Ivey

Mongrels | Stephen Jones


provoking & passionate

Caste | Isabel Wilkerson

Eating Animals |Jon Foer

Educated | Tara Westover

Evicted | Matt Desmond

Nomadland | Jessica Bruder

Cringeworthy | Melissa Dahl

Publicly Shamed | Jon Ronson

Let There Be Night | Paul Bogard


exciting & elaborate

Foe | Iain Reid

11/22/63 | Stephen King

Weight of Blood | Laura McHugh

Before I Go to Sleep | S. Watson

Endless Numbered Days | Claire Fuller

Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn

Writing on a Notebook


adorable & addictive

AJ Fikry | Gabrielle Zevin

Time Traveler's Wife | A. Niffenegger 

Graphic Novels

beautiful & brilliant

Laika | Nick Abadzis

Ukrainian & Russian Notebooks | Igor

This One Summer | Mariko Tamaki

A Study in Pink | Jay BBC

Historical Fiction

educational & empathetic

Life After Life | Kate Atkinson

Lincoln in the Bardo | George Saunder

Tsar of Love & Techno | Antony Marra

Charmed Particles | Chrissy Kolaya

The Books of Jacob | Olga Tokarczuk

Assortment of Books

Self Help

helpful & humorous

Eat, Pray, Love | Liz Gilbert

Reclaiming Conversation | S. Turkle

Make the Beast Beautiful | S. Wilson

Short Stories

short & succinct

5 Russian Dog Stories | Various

The Moth Presents | NPR

Uncommon Type | Tom Hanks

Cosmicomics | Italo Calvino

Galatea | Madeline Miller

Exhalation | Ted Chiang


young & youthful

Dig | AS King

Wolf in the Whale | Max Broadsky

Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller

The Book Thief | Mark Zusak

We Were Liars | E. Lockhart

The Lovely Bones | Alice Sebold


inventive & interesting

Destruction of Books | Fernando Baez

Catherine the Great | Robert Massie

Voices from Chernobyl | S. Alexievich

Notebooks and Pens


feeling & free

Why God is a Woman | Nin Andrews

Chasers of Light | Tyler Knott Gregson

100 Love Sonnets | Pablo Neruda


fun & fancy

Flea Market Style | Emily Chalmers

Wine Food | Dana Frank

Steal Like an Artist | Austin Kleon

Zen in the Art of Writing | Bradbury


futuristic & freaky

Children of Time | A. Tchaikovsky

Hitchhiker's Guide | Douglas Adams

Reincarnation Blues | Michael Poore

Good Morning, Midnight | Lily Dalton

Klara & The Sun | Kazuo Ishiguro

The Time Machine | HG Wells

Spaceman of Bohemia | J. Kalfar

Left Hand of Darkness | U. Le Guin

How High We Go in the Dark | S.N.

A Canticle for Leibowitz | Walter Miller

Antique Books


personal & playful

I Must Say | Martin Short

Not Quite | Larry Smith

Born to Run | Chris McDougall


literary & lovable

So Many Ways to Begin | Jon McGregor

Valentine | Liz Wetmore

Last Night at the Lobster | Stewart O'Nan

When God was a Rabbit | Sarah Winman

Exit West | Mohsin Hamid

The Immortalists | Chloe Benjamin

The Mothers | Brit Bennett

Lily & The Octopus | Steven Rowley

The Overstory | Richard Powers

Unbearable Lightness of Being | M. Kundera

If On a Winter's Night A Traveler | I. Calvino

The Push | Ashley Audrain

The Good Life Elsewhere | Vladimir Lorchenkov

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